Children's Director

Preschool and Children Director

(part-time position)


This is a part-time, non-ministerial position. The Pre-school/Children Director shall be responsible for the oversight of all preschool programs, birth through kindergarten and responsible for all children’s programs, first through six grade with the exception of Sunday School.


The Preschool/Children’s Director coordinates with the Sunday School Director for all matters concerning the Sunday School and reports to the Pastor for all other preschool/children’s ministries of the church. Example: extended session, Sunday evening worship services, Wednesday night prayer meeting, special events, Wednesday night TeamKids. The Director shall receive an annual review for the Pastor.


The Preschool/Children’s Director will be responsible for recruiting organizing and coordinating volunteer teachers and helpers in our nursery, preschool, children’s areas (excluding Sunday School), worship services, extended session, choir practice, mid-week prayer service including TeamKids and special events including parents night out. The Director is expected to be available to the teachers during these ties, and therefore is not required to assume direct teaching responsibilities unless in an emergency. This position is a vital ministry and not simply a job. Although direct responsibilities are focused on other adults, the Director must have a heart for children and firmly believe Proverbs 29:6, "Train up a child in the way he should to and when he is old he will not depart from it."


– mature Christian and a member of Towne North Baptist Church required

– an abiding love for children

– heart for shepherding volunteers (friendly, cooperative, diplomatic)

– good communication and organizational skills

– self-starting (energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic)

– teaching experience preferred


– enlist and train teachers and/or workers (paid or volunteer), for nursery and preschool areas in all related church ministry. To include but not limited to Sunday School, extended session choir practice, evening worship, Wednesday night prayer service, special events (Christmas, Easter, Great Day, VBS, Fall Festival, Parents Night Out, etc.). (Sunday School Director is responsible for Children’s Sunday School Teachers.)

– prepare and administer budget for responsible areas

– represent preschool in Church Council and Business Meetings

– attend Pastor Staff meetings

– conduct preschool committee meetings

– conduct monthly teachers meetings

– prepare and mail extended session list and reminders

– order curriculum for preschool, children, and TeamKids

– prepare and maintain bulletin boards

– prepare and send monthly newsletters to parents of babies to age 2 which are included in the baby curriculum

– prepare and send periodic parent newsletter that consists of ideas, encouragement, inspiration and gleaned word of wisdom

– ensure beds and changing table linens are changed and laundered after use and toys are disinfected

– replace and add toys as needed

– assess spatial and age grouping and make changes as needed

– perform other responsibilities as needed or assigned by Pastor

  September 2018  
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